Seungeui Lee

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200px Seungeui Lee (이승의)

Ph. D. Candidate
서울대학교 융합과학부 박사과정 (2016.09 ~ )
KAIST 전기 및 전자공학과 석사졸업 (2009.02)
고려대학교 전파통신공학과 학사졸업 (2006.08)

Tel: +82-31-888-9579
Google Scholar


International Conferences

    Seqhand: Rgb-sequence-based 3d hand pose and shape estimation
    John Yang, Hyung Jin Chang, Seungeui Lee and Nojun Kwak
    ECCV 2020

    Self-Training using selection network for Semi-Supervised Learning
    Jisoo Jeong*, Seungeui Lee* and Nojun Kwak
    ICPRAM 2020

    Consistency-based Semi-supervised Learning for Object detection
    Jisoo Jeong*, Seungeui Lee*, Jeesoo Kim and Nojun Kwak
    NeurIPS 2019

    Motion feature network: Fixed motion filter for action recognition
    Myunggi Lee*, Seungeui Lee*, Sungjoon Son, Gyutae Park and Nojun Kwak
    ECCV 2018