Jisoo Jeong

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Jeongjisoo.JPG Jisoo Jeong (정지수)

서울대학교 융합과학부 석박사통합과정 (2015.09 ~ )
아주대학교 전자공학과 졸업 (2015.08)

Tel: +82-31-888-9579
e-mail: soo3553@snu.ac.kr
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  • Present:
    Ph.D. Student in Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, Seoul National University, Korea.
  • Aug. 2015:
    B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Korea.


International Conferences

    Interpolation-based Semi-supervised Learning for Object detection
    Jisoo Jeong, Vikas Verma, Minsung Hyun, Juho Kannala and Nojun Kwak
    CVPR 2021

    Class-Imbalanced Semi-Supervised Learning
    Minsung Hyun, Jisoo Jeong and Nojun Kwak
    ICLRW 2021

    Tell Me What They're Holding: Weakly-Supervised Object Detection with Transferable Knowledge from Human-object Interaction
    Daesic Kim*, Gyujeong Lee*, Jisoo Jeong* and Nojun Kwak
    AAAI 2020

    Self-Training using selection network for Semi-Supervised Learning
    Jisoo Jeong*, Seungeui Lee* and Nojun Kwak
    ICPRAM 2020

    Consistency-based Semi-supervised Learning for Object detection
    Jisoo Jeong*, Seungeui Lee*, Jeesoo Kim and Nojun Kwak
    NeurIPS 2019

    Two-Layer Residual Feature Fusion for Object Detection
    Jaeseok Choi, Kyoungmin Lee, Jisoo Jeong and Nojun Kwak
    ICPRAM 2019

    Superpixel-based semantic segmentation trained by statistical process control
    Hyojin Park, Jisoo Jeong, Youngjoon Yoo and Nojun Kwak
    BMVC 2017

    Enhancement of SSD by concatenating feature maps for object detection
    Jisoo Jeong, Hyojin Park and Nojun Kwak
    BMVC 2017

Domestic Journals
    이미지 평가를 위한 픽셀 변화량과 포와 인지의 구조적 유사도 기법
    정지수, 김영진
    정보과학회논문지, 41권, 10호, pp.847 - 858, 2014.10

Domestic Conferences
    객체 사이의 관계를 고려한 객체검출 알고리즘
    정지수, 박효진, 황지혜, 박규태, 곽노준
    IPIU 2018